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KPC cable drum track flat car

KPC cable drum track flat car

The KPC cable reel track flat car uses 380V AC power as the power source, and the cable provides power for the motor through the hysteresis coupling cable reel to drive the flat car. Hysteresis coupling cable reel will automatically retract and release the cable according to the running direction of the flat car to ensure that the cable is evenly stressed to prevent damage. If necessary, a wire protection slot can be set between the two rails.

The cable reel track flat car is simple and reliable in structure, convenient in track construction, economical and practical. It is suitable for straight track round-trip operation within 200 meters, especially for long-term continuous operation. The cable reel track flat car produced by Zhejiang Dongteng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. can realize automatic positioning parking, wireless remote control, audible and visual alarm and other functions, and can be flexibly designed according to the needs of users to develop targeted programs for different users.





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