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As a professional electric vehicle manufacturer, our company operates strictly in accordance with the mechanical industry standard JB/T6127-2010 "Technical Conditions for Electric Flat Cars", with advanced and complete production equipment, professional technicians, scientific production management, humanized enterprise management, and a large number of high-end computer software systems such as CAD. Pre-sale service, contract signing, material importation, production, sales and after-sales service have a complete record, adhering to a prudent attitude, focusing on details and serving users.

In order to better meet the needs of customers and do a good job in guiding the use of services, our company in line with the spirit of "quality assurance, integrity-based, innovative development, market-based", with "the most thoughtful service, the most reliable product quality" as the principle, makes the following commitments to the majority of users:

1. Pre-sale service

Our company will send commissioners to provide professional and targeted services to users, introduce product information to users in detail, help users understand project content, carefully record user's personalized requirements, try to provide customized solutions to meet user's needs, put forward suggestions for improvement of user project design, actively strive for project bidding, urgently meet user's needs. Location considerations for users.

2. Contract signing

After signing the contract, it will strictly follow the contract, fulfill its promise, ensure product quality, strictly abide by the delivery time stipulated in the contract, and deliver on time without delay.

3. Material entering factory

All components in our products are selected from famous and high-quality products of state-licensed manufacturers. If users have designated manufacturers, the quality of products is qualified and reliable, they can also be selected according to user's designation.

4. Production and Sales

Our company will strictly abide by the mechanical industry standard JB/T6127-2010 "Technical Conditions for Electric Flat Cars" when producing the products specified in the contract, so as to ensure the quality of products and not allow any unqualified products to leave the factory. Personnel can be sent to take part in the factory inspection of the products if users need.

5. After-sales service

If users need, our company can provide free training for maintenance personnel to explain the principle and characteristics of products and maintenance points.

The quality guarantee period is 12 months after the products leave the factory, and the maintenance is free within the quality guarantee period. Our company promises lifelong maintenance to the products we sell. If you receive information about product quality problems or requirements for on-site service from users, you will respond to users'maintenance needs within 4 hours, and if necessary, you will arrive at the site within 48 hours for processing.

Our company will provide free spare parts and special tools, free technical services. If users need, they can also try their best to provide drawings, instructions and other information, and do a good job in explaining, communicating and communicating.

Our company will regularly conduct telephone calls and expert visits to users, solicit their opinions, improve product design, develop products more in line with the personalized needs of users, and provide more humanized professional services for users.