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Zhejiang dongteng intelligent equipment co., ltd. is a modern technology enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of heavy-duty flatbed vehicles.

In 2003, hangzhou Phyllis battery car co., ltd. was founded, specializing in the production of electric tour bus, battery platform truck joint venture.

In 2013, the company was renamed as hangzhou dongteng electric vehicle technology co., LTD., which mainly researched and developed trackless flat cars. In particular, the trial production of heavy-duty AGV trackless flat cars was successful, filling in the gaps in China. Trolley and heavy-duty AGV are highly recognized by domestic and foreign markets and customers.

In 2018, the company was renamed as zhejiang dongteng intelligent equipment co., ltd. and entered general aviation industrial park of moganshan high-tech zone, deqing, huzhou. The company cooperates with the track research institute of the Chinese academy of sciences in Shanghai, and the visual navigation and automatic positioning parking developed by the company has become the leader in the heavy-duty AGV industry.

At present, the company's main products are: KPXD series battery track flat car, KPC series cable reel track flat car, QY series track car tractor, KP series non-power track flat car, DP series trackless electric flat car; Supporting products are TC series flat trailer, ZP series track turntable; The CRC inspection vehicles jointly produced by the two parties provide services for the inspection of high-speed railway, subway and light rail, and are gradually forming a series of products.

Company products are widely used in storage and transportation, equipment manufacturing, electric power construction, rail transportation and metallurgy, military industry, nuclear industry, with the nucleus, Siemens, oakes, mitsubishi, zhenhua, machine, universal, xugong, holley, shield of Ann, the trinity, macau new rui, tianma bearing, Haitian molding machine, snowman shares, such as hangzhou fork group more than 300 domestic and international famous customers.

Zhejiang dongteng intelligent equipment co., LTD. Is looking forward to cooperating with you and doing our best to meet your requirements.