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Zhejiang dongteng intelligent equipment co., LTD

Contact person: manager fu

Telephone: 0572-8213359

Phone: 18857115898

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Address: no.28 dingsheng road, leidian town, deqing county, huzhou city



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Zhejiang Dongteng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. products are widely used in warehousing and transportation, equipment manufacturing, power construction, rail transit and metallurgy, military industry, nuclear power and other industries. It has more than 300 companies, such as Zhongnu, Siemens, Oaks, Mitsubishi, Zhenhua, Zhongji, Wanxiang, Xugong, Huali, Dunan, Sanyi, Macao Xinrui, Tianma Bearing, Haitian Plastic Machine, Snowman Share and Hangfork Group. Famous customer groups at home and abro
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