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KPD Low Voltage Track Flat Car

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KPD Low Voltage Track Flat Car

  • KPD Low Voltage Track Flat Car

  • Detailed introduction

The low-voltage track flat car is a three-phase AC high-voltage transformer (control cabinet) which lowers 380V three-phase AC high-voltage to a safe 36V three-phase AC low-voltage power. It is fed to the on-board boost transformer on the flat car through the traveling track and the slider, and then boosts to 380V three-phase AC high-voltage power, which provides electric power for the motor and promotes the operation of the flat car. Because the traveling track is both the conductive track of the flat car, the requirement of track construction is higher, so the track insulation must be ensured. Low-voltage track flat car is suitable for medium and long distance transportation with a load of more than 50 tons and a high frequency. When the running distance is more than 50 meters, it is necessary to increase the number of transformers to compensate for the track voltage drop.

The low-voltage track flat car produced by Zhejiang Dongteng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. can realize the functions of automatic positioning, parking, turning, wireless remote control, sound and light alarm, and can be flexibly designed according to the needs of users, so as to formulate targeted schemes for different users.

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