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NP Trackless Electric Flat Car

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NP Trackless Electric Flat Car

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Trackless electric flat car is a kind of wheeled handling equipment with wireless remote control or wire control handle, which can be steered arbitrarily. It does not need manual driving and saves time and labor. The vehicle uses high-strength industrial rubber solid wheels as driving wheels and carrying wheels. It can walk directly on the ground without rail. It is suitable for use on the site with flat pavement and unstable routes inside the plant. At present, it is widely used in automobile production, shipbuilding, die stamping, steel distribution, transportation and assembly of large machinery and equipment and other fields.

Trackless electric flat car has the advantages of simple operation, good mobility and easy maintenance. The trackless electric flat car manufactured by Zhejiang Dongteng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. can realize the functions of bidirectional walking, automatic tracking, automatic positioning and parking, turning, wireless remote control, sound and light alarm, and can be flexibly designed according to the needs of users, so as to formulate targeted schemes for different users.

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