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DX automatically tracks trackless flat car

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DX automatically tracks trackless flat car

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  • Date of release:2018/12/13
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DX series automatic navigation trackless electric flat car is a new type of trackless flat car that can operate automatically in accordance with the specified route without manual control by means of magnetic strip, magnetic nail, color belt, laser and other navigation methods. This car USES the high strength industrial rubber solid wheel as the driving wheel and the carrying wheel, may walk directly in the ground, is suitable in the factory area internal flat road surface, the route is not fixed the spot use. At present, it is widely used in automobile production, ship production, die stamping, steel and iron mixing, transportation and assembly of large machinery and equipment and other fields.

Automatic navigation trackless electric flat car has the advantages of safety and reliability, simple operation, high degree of automation, good mobility and easy maintenance. It can realize automatic operation, sensing obstacle stop, automatic tracking navigation, automatic positioning stop, turning, wireless remote control, acousto-optic alarm and other functions, and according to the needs of users flexible design, for different users to develop targeted programs.

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