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KPD low voltage rail flat car

KPD low voltage rail flat car

Low voltage rail flat car is to reduce 380V three-phase AC high-voltage power to safe 36V three-phase AC low-voltage power by ground step-down transformer (control cabinet), feed it to on-board step-up transformer on flat car through traveling track and sliding contact, and then boost it to 380V three-phase AC high-voltage power to provide power for electric machine and promote flat car operation. As the traveling track is also used as the conductor rail of the flat car, the track construction requirements are high, and the track insulation must be guaranteed. Low voltage rail flat car is suitable for medium and long distance transportation with a load capacity of more than 50 tons and a high frequency of use. When the operating distance exceeds 50 meters, the number of transformers needs to be increased to compensate for the rail voltage drop.

The low-voltage rail flat car produced by Zhejiang Dongteng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. can realize automatic positioning parking, turning, wireless remote control, audible and visual alarm and other functions, and can be flexibly designed according to the needs of users to develop targeted programs for different users.




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