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TC flat Tractor Trailer

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TC flat Tractor Trailer

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  • Date of release:2018/12/12
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TC flat traction trailer is a kind of powerless road vehicle which needs to be driven by truck motor in terms of its industrial design and technical characteristics. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy use, easy maintenance, strong bearing capacity and less pollution. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgical factory, warehousing and transportation industries to transport heavy goods with tractors.

This product has the following characteristics:

1. The use of brand tyres approved by domestic engineering vehicles has high elasticity and wear resistance, which can enhance the load-carrying capacity and service life of trailers and reduce the damage caused by vehicle bumps in the course of driving.

2. It adopts 180 degree turning frame, small turning radius, universal connector and flexible operation.

3. Double suspension rotary bracket can be designed, and the balance and stability of the flat car can be adjusted by itself.

4. The pin material of each joint is made of alloy steel, which is processed by special treatment and is durable.

5. Reasonable design, using large-sized channel steel or I-beam as the main beam, increasing the bearing capacity and improving the stability of the vehicle.

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