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KPC cable reel rail car

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KPC cable reel rail car

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KPC cable drum track flat car, with 380V ac power source, by the cable through hysteresis coupling cable drum for motor power, to promote flat car operation. Magnetic hysteresis coupling cable drum will automatically rewind and release cables according to the running direction of the flat car to ensure the cable is under uniform stress and prevent damage. If necessary, protective groove can be set up between the two rails.

Cable drum track flat car is simple and reliable in structure, convenient in track construction, economical and practical. It is suitable for linear track running within 200 meters, especially for long-term continuous operation. Zhejiang dongteng intelligent equipment co., LTD. Production of cable drum rail flat car can achieve automatic positioning and parking, wireless remote control, sound and light alarm and other functions, and according to the needs of users flexible design, for different users to develop targeted programs.

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