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What are the classifications of rail flat cars?

2019-12-22 00:00:00

With the development of society, rail flat cars are also divided into different types. Do you know what types they are?


1、 Drum powered flat car

The rail flat car includes the reel powered flat car. For this type of flat car, the power is mainly supplied by the cable reel alternating current, so that the stress of the cable can be uniform during operation, and the cable will not be damaged during use. In addition, for this type of flat car, the running distance will be affected to some extent, because the length of the reel is different, There is also a great limit to the distance it can travel.

2、 Cable supported flat car

For the cable supported flat car, it mainly means that the cable at one end of the application is connected to the ground power supply, and then the power is supplied through the control box. The cable of this type of flat car cannot be too long during use, because too long will also cause the consequences of cable winding.

Rail flat car is a kind of electric railway transportation vehicle in the plant, which can solve the problem of product transportation between spans in the plant. It is also called crossing flat car, trolley and electric flat car. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, easy maintenance, large bearing capacity, less pollution, etc. It is widely used in machine manufacturing and metallurgical plants, and is used to transport heavy objects with cranes inside the workshop.

The main technical parameters of the rail flat car include seven items: power supply mode, load tonnage, table size, table height, track length, track spacing, and operation mode. The model of the rail electric flat car is determined by the power supply mode, and its specification is determined by the load tonnage. When the towing electric flat car is running, it is powered by the cable towed by the flat car. One end of the cable is connected to the ground power supply, and the other end is led into the flat car through the iron clamp device of the electric flat car. This type of electric flat car is characterized by low platform height, easy loading and unloading of heavy objects, but the running distance cannot be too long, generally not more than 100m, and it is easy to wind the cable if it is too long.





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