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As a professional electric vehicle manufacturer, our company operates in strict accordance with the mechanical industry standard JB/T6127-2010 Technical Conditions for Electric Flat Cars throughout the production and manufacturing process. We have advanced and complete sets of production equipment, professional technicians, scientific production management, humanized enterprise management, and extensive use of high-end computer software systems such as CAD to assist design. Pre sales service, contract signing, materials entering the factory and even production, sales and after-sales service have complete records, adhering to a prudent attitude, focusing on details and serving users.

In order to better meet the needs of customers and do a good job in guiding the use of services, our company, in the spirit of "quality assurance, honesty, innovation and development, and above the market", and in the principle of "the most thoughtful service, the most reliable product quality", hereby makes the following commitments to users:

1. Pre sales service

Our company will send specialists to provide professional and targeted services for intended users, introduce product information to users in detail, assist users to understand the project content, carefully record users' personalized requirements, try our best to provide customized solutions to meet users' needs, put forward suggestions on improvement of users' project design, actively strive for bidding for engineering projects, and put ourselves in the user's shoes.

2. Contract signing

After signing the contract, we will strictly follow the contract, fulfill our commitments, ensure the product quality, strictly abide by the delivery time agreed in the contract, and deliver on time without delay.

3. Incoming materials

All components in our products are selected from famous and high-quality products of manufacturers approved by the state. If the user has designated manufacturers, the product quality is qualified and reliable, and can also be selected according to the user's designation.

4. Production and sales

Our company will strictly comply with the mechanical industry standard JB/T6127-2010 Technical Conditions for Electric Flat Cars when manufacturing the products specified in the contract to ensure the product quality and prevent any unqualified products from leaving the factory. If users need, they can send personnel to participate in the factory inspection of products.

5. After sales service

If required by users, our company can provide free training for maintenance personnel to explain the principles, characteristics and maintenance points of the product.

The warranty period of the product is 12 months after delivery, and free maintenance is provided within the warranty period. Our company promises lifelong maintenance for the products we sell. If we receive information about product quality problems or on-site service requirements from users, we will respond to users' maintenance needs within 4 hours. If necessary, we will arrive at the site within 48 hours for handling.

Our company will provide spare parts, special tools and technical services for free. If users need, they can also try their best to provide drawings, instructions and other materials, and do a good job of explanation, communication and communication.

Our company will regularly make phone calls and special visits to users to solicit their opinions, improve product design, develop products that better meet the personalized needs of users, and provide users with more humanized professional services.

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