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Why did the electric flat car stop unexpectedly

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Why did the electric flat car stop unexpectedly

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Electric flat cars sometimes stop unexpectedly after a long period of use.

1. Track fault: an important factor for the parking of electric flat car is the running track. If the track maintenance is improper, friction will increase, fracture, protrusion and other conditions will occur, and the electric flat car can only stop when it cannot operate normally.

2, overload parking: each electric flat car has its own load, overload is not much in the case of electric flat car can start but after a certain distance suddenly stop.

3. Surge protection parking: all electric flatcars produced by our company have a surge protection function. When the voltage fluctuation of the company is relatively large, the surge protection device will cut off the power supply of the car and protect the main board of the electric flatcar. At this time, you need to check the voltage. When the voltage is stable, you can press down the surge protection switch and restore it to use.

Any machinery in the factory, is after strict inspection, to the hands of customers, but, some customers complain about the mechanical equipment is not good, buy electric flat car said so good, use is not so good, so, try to ask you have considered is the operation of the problem?

1, electric flat car must have a special person to operate and maintain, non-operators are not allowed to use; Before operation, operators must check whether there are obstacles on the track, whether the electrical circuit and control switch are safe and reliable.

2, the electric flatbed car must ring the bell to start smoothly, and pay attention to whether there are abnormal circumstances around, ready to stop at any time; It is not allowed to collide with the end rail baffle.

3. The electric flatbed vehicle shall move slowly in operation, and the direction of moving shall not be changed at a fast speed; It is prohibited to carry out maintenance and cleaning work during operation; When loading animal parts, overload is not allowed, and the stacking of objects should be evenly distributed; After overhaul, it must be checked and accepted by the user, and only after meeting the safety requirements can it be used.

4. In case of sudden power failure during work, the control switch shall be restored to zero, and the power shall be cut off after work.

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