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About the driving mechanism and principle of electric flat car

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About the driving mechanism and principle of electric flat car

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With the development of productivity, in order to improve the production efficiency of the workshop and realize the transportation status of the workshop layout, the multi-functional electric flatbed vehicle also emerges at the right moment. Trackless turning electric flat car is also known as electric flat car, wheeled transport vehicles, etc., is a manual control of arbitrary steering wheel handling equipment.

Driving mechanism and principle of electric flat car:

1. General layout and frame:

Electric flat car is mainly composed of frame system, transmission device (active wheelset), passive wheelset, electrical control and so on. Flat car is powered by cable drum, flat car battery group, flat car is powered by low-voltage track, wheel shaft insulation measures are taken to increase the conductive device, the car is equipped with booster transformer. The electric energy provided is controlled by an electrical system to move the flat car forward or backward. The operation mode is to follow the vehicle on foot with the hand-held button box.

Frame is a frame structure made up of four longitudinal beams, several beams and slabs welded together. Large channel steel is usually used as the longitudinal and beam of the frame. Bearing capacity of eight points is adopted and the frame is stressed evenly. The bearing block on the wheelset is bolted to the frame, effectively reducing the height of the table. The front and rear of the electric flat car shall be provided with a connecting hook, which can be used to pull other flat cars or be pulled when necessary. Both sides of the flat car are provided with lifting holes for easy lifting and transportation.

2. Wheelset:

The wheel and axle are equipped with an insulating sleeve and an insulating inner and outer pad. The insulating sleeve is made of nylon, an insulating material with high mechanical properties. After the insulation of the wheel, KPD series electric flat car can use two rails as two conductive rails. Axle material is 45# steel quenched and tempered, wheel material is 55 quality cast steel, wheel surface quenching, bearing is double row radial spherical roller bearing, can automatically compensate the deformation deviation of the frame.

This structure effectively reduces the height of the table, improves the lateral stability, improves the bearing capacity, and is advantageous to the stress of the frame.

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