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The function of the current and voltage signal ring of the flat car

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The function of the current and voltage signal ring of the flat car

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The current and voltage signal ring of the electric flat car is a device in the control system of the flat car. In the ac circuit, the current ring is an electrical signal transmission scheme, which USES a current source and a current receiver. The control system USES a current-voltage signal-voltage converter and a remote current receiver that transmits high-speed data over a large distance.

The current driver in the current loop is able to compensate for wire performance and external noise. Electric flatcar manufacturers take electric flatcar as an example, if a current loop transmitter needs to send 12 mah to the analog value displayed by the remote receiver, the same 12 ma will be available at the receiver even if the resistance of the wire changes. This is because of the principle of controlled current sources. If the loop characteristics change even fairly quickly, the current generated is still the same due to the corresponding adjustment of the control current source. The current and voltage signal rings in an integrated circuit printed circuit board use a voltage drive scheme that is suitable for printed circuit boards within a very short distance. In voltage-driven circuits, the receiver detection of voltage is very simple because of the minimal distributed inductance and capacitance, which may limit signal transmission. When a voltage driver is sent to a remote location, which is more than a few meters away, the signal takes time to reach the receiver and is unlikely to even reach the receiver in some cases.

Digital serial communication, current loop can use any current level in a safe range. The current electric flat car level digital signal, due to the nature of the wire ring "mark, space" or "1" and "0" - is usually polar reversal. In comparison, the serial bus can be driven using differential voltage, using twisted pair wires to send one bit at a time and one bit at a time, and the two lines will be used in a double-ended or balanced output. In a similar application the current loop will send a signal voltage proportional to the current level and not directly to the voltage. The voltage driving at the transmitter terminal will handle several factors. These include the output impedance of the drive circuit, distributed capacitance and inductance lines, and external electromagnetic noise.

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