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Tips for choosing an electric flatbed car

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Tips for choosing an electric flatbed car

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As the carrier of short-distance material handling within the enterprise, trolley attracts more and more production enterprises to join in because of its convenience, speed, labor saving and other characteristics. In the choice of trackless flat car, there are certain skills.

1. The brand

The brand of each industry, after years of practice accumulation, user trust, mature industry technology and industry leading technology support, strong economic strength, good corporate image and other factors, is the result of gold mining in the sand, is trustworthy, the same is true of trackless flat car.

Price of 2.

Price is a very sensitive factor, some enterprises are not very professional, in order to hold customers, accumulate industry and technical experience, the price is very low, such products can not be, because they treat you as a test product. Still have an enterprise, be eager for quick success and instant benefit, cut corners, although the price is lower, but the product is not durable, this is "one cent price one cent goods" truth.

Quality of 3.

Many customers are first order electric flat car, because of the lack of the understanding of the industry, a bit at a loss, at this point, you can browse some related enterprises on preexistence net, carry on some simple understanding, because the mature and professional enterprises generally on the site has more rich industry knowledge, some preliminary screening so that you can do good business; The next step is to contact these companies or compare them with the user units they provide.

No matter in the cable, cable, regardless of the equipment running in any position on the track, the tension acting on the cable is always constant, and can be input by frequency converter parameters and control cabinet version knob operation, any adjustment, to maximize the protection of the cable, effectively reduce the user's use and maintenance costs. Reel cable can be installed in dry or wet indoor or humid industrial environment, also can be used for outdoor installation. The quality of the cable is closely related to the stability of the voltage stabilizer power box. The bending radius of the drum cable depends on the cable structure and outer diameter, the cable itself and the way it is installed and used.

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