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What is the composition structure of the track electric flat car

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What is the composition structure of the track electric flat car

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As an electric vehicle for in-plant rail transportation, electric flat car on track solves the problem of product transportation between spans in the factory, and becomes the preferred means of transportation for frequent heavy loads to be carried within the factory building and at short distance from the factory building to the factory building. There are many kinds of track electric flat car, according to the needs of the use, the function and structure design is not the same, users in understanding the structure of track electric flat car also need to combine the specific style of the equipment to understand.

The track electric flat car has the characteristics of simple structure, easy to use, large carrying capacity, no fear of dirt and damage, easy maintenance, long service life and so on. Only the structure and working principle of track electric flat car can the equipment be used more efficiently. The track electric flat car is mainly composed of operating mechanism, electrical control, electronic control system, rotating device and so on. The operating mechanism consists of motor, brake, reducer, coupling and wheel set. Trolley frame structure is composed of i-beam, channel steel, steel plate, Angle steel and so on.

The electric control equipment of track electric flat car is composed of source box, switch, cable reel and so on. It is composed of electric control system, transmission system, conductive system, body and wheel set. The electronic control system mainly includes supporting transformer, rotary warning light, limit switch device and so on.

The transmission device of railway electric flat car is composed of reducer, belt wheel, motor, brake wheel and brake, which is used to drive the flat car to walk. The transmission device is placed on one side of the lower part of the flat car. In order to facilitate the maintenance of the transmission device of the flat car, the table top is equipped with a view hole. The power supply system of railway electric flat car directly supplies V360 alternating current with cable reel. The cable reel is of hysteresis coupling type, which ensures that the cable is under uniform force and not easy to be damaged.

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