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The development of intelligent electric flat car in the era of automation

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The development of intelligent electric flat car in the era of automation

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In recent years, many domestic manufacturing industries are using industrial intelligence and production automation. From the perspective of the overall production environment, the three factors of industrial upgrading, people's livelihood and energy conservation and environmental protection will create more development opportunities for the future development of industrial automatic control system in emerging markets, but at the same time increase many challenges. As an electric flat car manufacturer keeping pace with the pace of The Times, according to the actual manufacturers design customized electric flat car to meet the production needs of enterprises, committed to constantly create new products, to good products to serve everyone.

Today, electric flat car is used by more and more manufacturers choose, play a prominent role in the field of various industries, including the brick factory, plant, refractory factory, ceramics factory, roasting factory, engineering, tunnel, flour mills, mill, foundry, chemical plant, factory of furnace charge and so on, all is not in use, its function not only make transport more convenient transportation, operating more simple, more workers from hard and dangerous work.

The application of automation technology in electric flatbed vehicles enables people to indirectly take care of and supervise the production of machines. Nowadays, automation technology has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, electric power, construction, transportation, information technology and other fields. Under the condition of industrial production automation, automation technology has become the main means to improve labor productivity. Modern electric flat car positioning automatically by the proximity switch to determine accurate docking stations, through the use of advanced PLC control system, to realize the automatic operation of the vehicle, with automatic rollover structure, can turn 90 °, easy to steel or other high temperature liquid, pour into the container.

Chain conveyor rail distance, relying on sensors and PLC controller, control the upper chain conveyor mechanism, through the cooperation of the lower rail moving trolley, to achieve the material transfer between different conveyor lines, to achieve the effect of automatic production. Rail type automatic car, with PLC controller, to achieve fixed point positioning stop, with rail clamping device, so that the flat car stop more stable, slow, prevent material scattered, with the robot above, easy to achieve automatic grasp and other operations. When intelligent electric flat cars were just launched, not many enterprises purchased and applied them. However, with the continuous research and development of technology and the development of enterprises in various industries, the cost performance and function of electric flat cars are getting higher and higher.

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