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Electric drive

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Electric drive

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There are three main driving modes in mechanical equipment, namely motor drive, hydraulic drive and pneumatic drive. Motor drive accuracy is high, speed regulation is convenient, but the thrust is small, the cost of large thrust is high; Pressure drive thrust, small size, speed regulation is convenient, but the system cost is high, poor reliability, maintenance pressure trouble; Pneumatic drive cost is low, reliable action, no heat, no pollution. However, the thrust is too small to achieve accurate intermediate position adjustment, and it is usually used in two limit positions.

Trackless steering electric flat car manufacturers are commonly used in which the electrical drive; In order to provide more functions and higher efficiency of electric flat car, trackless steering electric flat car manufacturers will continue to work hard to develop and produce.

When it comes to electric drive, trackless steering electric flat car manufacturers have to talk about dc brush motor. Brushless dc motor for existing collector ring structure of carbon brush, the spark generated when the motor running, especially at high speed will result in serious ring of fire, radio interference, should be more carbon brushes regularly, due to the need to replace the carbon brush, the motor can only adopt open protection form, motor cooling party will enter inside, the motor should not apply to flammable and explosive, dust, dirt, open-air, damp places. However, the motor also has the disadvantages of low efficiency, battery capacity, large motor volume, high difficulty in explosion-proof, etc. With the development of mechanical equipment, the electric machine will gradually fade out of the market. Then it is replaced by ac motor, ac motor becomes the future development trend of electric drive system.

Electrical drive device can complete the transformation required for transmission, common electrical drive device is usually a variety of motors, electromagnets and so on. Electric motors can change a lot of things that people want to do and need to do. The invention of electric motors has changed a lot of people's lifestyle.

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