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Classification and application of trackless electric flatbed vehicles

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Classification and application of trackless electric flatbed vehicles

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In recent years, the trackless electric flat car is a kind of transportation tool in the factory with rapid development. The emergence of the trackless electric flat car breaks the law that electric flat car cannot turn in a small radius and expands the use area.

Because the general heavy rail flat car is running on the track, the carrying weight is relatively large, the laying of the track will not have an impact on the ground. However, due to the limitation of track length and turning radius, such electric flat cars can only be used within a limited scope. Moreover, the use of electric flat cars can only be used back and forth according to the fixed line of the track, which has limitations. Therefore, more enterprises begin to customize the trackless electric flat cars that turn randomly in the running.

Trackless electric flat car is divided into rubber wheel electric flat car and inflatable wheel electric flat car according to the different tires. At present, it is widely used in the fields of automobile production, ship manufacturing, die stamping, steel deployment, transportation and assembly of large machinery and equipment.

Trackless electric flat car manufacturers are also in a lot of warehouses and workshop applications of a lot of a type of vehicles, that for this kind of vehicles have what aspects of characteristics?

I. classification:

For trackless electric flat car, it's also there are many kinds of classification, such as the classification of it in the flat wagon has a rail flat car, cable and storage battery series flat car, users in the process of selection is based on the characteristics of each of the different types of considering, for example for supporting cable flat car, it is in the process of running are heavily dependent on mop cable power supply, it's running distance will be determined by the length of the cable, when choosing users also need to pay attention to this problem.

Ii. Application scope:

There is also a wide range of applications for this type of electric flat car, such as it can be applied in some brick factories, but also can be applied in some engineering, there is also it can be applied in electric transport vehicles and electric dump trucks, and so on, different industries for its application is also some specific requirements.

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