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How to select the joint shaft of rail car

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How to select the joint shaft of rail car

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The coupling of rail flat car is a key component, which is very important for rail flat car.

The following five points should be taken into consideration when making specific choices:

1. Wheel coupling:

The size and properties of the torque to be transferred and the requirements of vibration buffering function. For heavy duty transmission with high power, gear couplings can be selected. For severe impact load or transmission requiring elimination of torsional vibration of shafting, a tyred coupling may be used.

2. Installation accuracy of the two parts connected:

When the radial displacement is large, the slider coupling is optional. The universal coupling can be used for the connection of larger angular displacement or intersecting two axes; Flexible coupling should be used when the two shafts produce large additional relative displacement. This is because of the manufacturing, installation, loading deformation and temperature change and other reasons, after the installation and adjustment of electric flat car, the two shafts cannot be strictly and accurately aligned, and there is a certain degree of displacement in the x and Y directions and deviation Angle CI.

3. Manufacturing, installation, maintenance and price cost of coupling:

Under the premise of satisfying the performance of electric flat car, coupling with convenient assembly and disassembly, simple maintenance and low cost should be selected as far as possible. Such as the rigid coupling is not only simple structure, and easy to assemble and disassemble, can be used for low speed, rigid shaft. Common use such as flange couplings.

4. The working speed of rail flat car coupling and the centrifugal force caused by it:

For high-speed transmission shaft, should choose the coupling with high balance precision, such as diaphragm coupling, and should not choose the existence of eccentric slider coupling.

5. Reliability and working environment of rail flat car parts coupling:

Couplings made of metal components that do not require lubrication are usually more reliable; Coupling that needs lubrication, its performance is easy to be affected by the degree of lubrication perfection, and may pollute the environment; Coupling containing rubber and other non-metallic elements is sensitive to temperature, corrosive media and strong light, and easy to aging.

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