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Standard configuration and matters needing attention of electric track flat car

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Standard configuration and matters needing attention of electric track flat car

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Electric track flat car is a kind of railway electric transport equipment in the factory. As a kind of electric flat car, the railway flat car has no carriage on the working table and needs to run on the paved track. The body of the car does not need steering wheel turn, turn by the track.

I. standard configuration of electric track flat car:

1. Infrared sensor: when the electric track flat car works, within a certain distance, if there is someone in front of the car, the infrared sensor will be sensed, then the electric track flat car will automatically cut off power and stop running.

2. Limit device: if there is an obstacle on the front track that makes the trolley unable to pass, the limit device will start and stop the trolley.

3. Wireless remote control device: the staff can not operate with the car within a certain distance, wireless remote control rail flat car. This kind of device can greatly reduce the damage of operators for transporting some dangerous goods.

4. Lifting device: for the transportation of some goods with poor height, the device can be raised or lowered to any platform within the set height range to facilitate the transportation of goods.

Ii. Matters needing attention of electric track flat car:

1. Design and select the laying environment and the materials used in the track before laying. Through the drawing design software, careful calculation should be made on the track direction and the use length as well as the elbow.

2. When laying, we should pay attention to the strength of the track, and the track deformation cannot be caused by rolling with heavy objects at will. In the construction of the foundation, we should pay attention to avoid damp environment and prevent the track from rusting.

3. After laying the track, the track shall be tested under the load of 90% of the maximum load to check whether there is deformation and displacement. If there is immediate repair, accidents shall be avoided in the future.

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