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Development of battery industry

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Development of battery industry

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At present, chaowei battery, the largest battery company in China, has taken the lead in the field of intelligent battery, and developed the first set of intelligent lead-acid battery for electric vehicles in China. Learned, amd development of the intelligent battery on the basis of system analysis and research, innovative put forward a kind of the battery technology combined with electronic control technology, the method of design a battery charging and discharging process of intelligent lead-acid battery repair, in improving the performance of the battery and service life have made significant achievements. Effectively solve the lead-acid battery internal damage due to a single cell battery and affect the service life of the whole group of batteries.

Although the battery industry is under the pressure of environmental protection, but the industry still points out that although the big reorganization sword refers to environmental protection, but in fact, the battery technology has put forward higher requirements, but also will promote the intelligent development of the industry.

Due to the low threshold of access to the battery industry, many small and medium-sized enterprises are limited by capital and scientific research strength, has been adhering to the original old-fashioned technical level, low-end production line, at the same time, due to the lack of technology, small and medium-sized enterprises have to rely on price war competition, which has caused a relatively chaotic competition situation in the industry. Through this wave of sand like reorganization, industry access standards have been greatly improved, technology will not meet the standards of enterprises will be cleared out, industry competition into a virtuous cycle, and technology has become the most important way of competition between enterprises. This will greatly promote the pace of technological upgrading of enterprises, and accelerate the development of intelligent battery technology.

A person in the industry said that the battery industry should also be bound to intelligent, this is the industry development to a certain extent after the inevitable trend, but also the development of new energy vehicles and photovoltaic industry needs.

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