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Whether the trackless electric flat car has an upward trend

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Whether the trackless electric flat car has an upward trend

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Trackless electric flat car is a means of transport for hauling goods or people driven by battery and motor. As an important energy source with environmental protection, clean and high conversion rate, electric power is used to drive the upgrading of transportation tools, accelerate the low-carbon development of transportation industry, reduce transportation costs, save energy and protect the environment.

Trackless electric flat car is chosen by many factories, because the equipment structure is simple and convenient to use, and the bearing capacity is large not afraid of dirty not afraid to hit.

Trackless electric flat car has strong climbing ability and loading capacity, so it is a kind of transport tool suitable for all kinds of difficult road conditions. Trackless electric flatcars support two-way driving, so it is also convenient to carry out steering transportation in a small space. Trackless electric flat car greatly improves the handling efficiency and is equipped with a variety of safety devices to ensure the safety of use.

trackless electric flat car price trackless electric flat car pump shaft is generally used for skeleton type oil seal seal, if the spring of the trackless electric flat car lips, or the oil seal off, or its lips are pulled, aging, will make the oil seal back end often in a negative pressure state and inhaled air, generally can be replaced by a new oil seal to solve.

When the starting switch of trackless electric flat car cannot walk, it should be checked immediately to prevent burning out the motor or causing other accidents. Only after the trackless electric flat car rings the bell can it start smoothly, and pay attention to whether there is any abnormal situation around, ready to stop at any time. It is not allowed to collide with the end rail baffle.

Trackless electric flat car through the track and road surface should be free of debris to prevent collision accidents. Fill the oil in accordance with the lubrication chart of the trackless electric flat car of the equipment strictly, and achieve the "five determinations" (timing, fixed point, quantitative, fixed quality and fixed person). Cover the oil cup (pool) well after filling the oil.

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