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The movement mode of trackless flat car is flexible

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The movement mode of trackless flat car is flexible

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Steering trolley external force cable drum (chain drive) consists of cable reel, permanent magnetic coupler, (cable hysteresis device), sliding ring power box, clutch drive sprocket, chain and mounting bracket. The walking wheel shaft in the transmission system of mobile equipment is selected as the power output, and the power is transferred to the permanent magnetic coupler through the chain. After the permanent magnetic coupler continuously skidded at different speeds, the winding coil is driven to rewind the cable synchronously. Needle roller cage damage, long and short shaft journal and needle roller wear of the steering trackless flat car bearing can lead to poor rotation of the bearing and mechanical noise. At this time, it is necessary to dismantle and repair the gear pump and replace the needle roller bearing.

Steering trolley is blocked by dirt or its capacity is too small, resulting in increased oil absorption resistance and inhalation of air; In addition, the larger diameter of the inlet and outlet may also be brought into the air. At this point, the filter can be cleaned, or select a larger capacity, and in and out of the appropriate diameter of the filter. In this way, not only can prevent the inhalation of air, but also prevent the generation of noise.

Steering trackless flat car has remote control start, voice self-inspection system, anti-theft system, safety protection system, this model can be equipped with solid tires, can increase the lifting function, customized for customers; Steering trackless flat car operation should be slow, not allowed to quickly change the direction of travel. When the trackless flat car is turned on, the alarm light will flash with sound warning to remind the surrounding personnel to pay attention to the safety of the vehicle.

Emergency parking is in the turn of trackless flat car abnormal circumstances, such as equipment continues to operate is bound to endanger equipment and personal safety when the emergency measures taken, can not do emergency parking, should be avoided as far as possible. The battery provides power for the vehicle, its performance directly determines the vehicle's dynamic performance is the vehicle's carrying capacity, so the maintenance and maintenance of the battery is crucial. Switch to trackless flat car battery pack in daily use, to do a weekly check (summer) or every two weeks to check (winter).

Everyone in the use of steering trolley, if there is a fault problem, it is necessary to solve it in time, and can not let it run with the disease, so as to ensure the service life of the equipment.

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