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In the factory battery trackless flat car is very practical

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In the factory battery trackless flat car is very practical

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Battery trackless flat car is powered by batteries, so it has the advantage of energy saving and emission reduction, accelerating the low-carbon development of the transportation industry, reducing transportation costs and protecting the environment. Battery trackless flat car body operation is simple and convenient, can be flexible through the narrow road, the equipment has a wide range of applications in the field of short-distance transportation.

Battery trackless flat car is blocked by dirt or its capacity is too small, resulting in increased oil absorption resistance and inhalation of air; In addition, the larger diameter of the inlet and outlet may also be brought into the air. At this point, the filter can be cleaned, or select a larger capacity, and in and out of the appropriate diameter of the filter. In this way, not only can prevent the inhalation of air, but also can prevent the generation of noise; Battery trackless flat car axial clearance or radial clearance is too small, should be adjusted and repaired.

The setting of battery trackless flat car charger parameters will directly affect the performance of the battery. Please use a regular model of charger for the battery trackless flat car charging; When the battery trackless flat car started, alarm lights issued flashing lights accompanied by sound warning, remind the surrounding personnel to pay attention to vehicle safety.

The sliding joint surface between the end face of the battery trackless flat car gear and the front and rear end covers has not been carefully removed due to the burr of the gear before assembly. As a result, the joint surface is pulled during operation, resulting in a large internal leakage and a decrease in output flow. Dirt enters the pump and wedges into the gap between the gear end face and the front and rear end covers to pull the mating surface, resulting in the connection of high and low pressure cavities due to radial pull grooves, so as to reduce the output flow.

Battery trackless flat car is used for battery power, motor driven goods or people with the means of transport; As an important energy source with environmental protection, clean and high conversion rate, electric power is used to drive the upgrading of transportation tools, accelerate the low-carbon development of transportation industry, reduce transportation costs, save energy and protect the environment.

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