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Proper use of track flat car battery

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Proper use of track flat car battery

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1. Timely charging:

After the battery discharge began the vulcanization process, in 12 hours began, there is a significant vulcanization. Timely charging, can remove the serious sulfide, if not timely charging, these sulfide crystals will accumulate and gradually form coarse crystals, the general charger is powerless to these coarse crystals, will gradually form a decline in battery capacity, shorten the service life of the battery. Therefore, after the use of early charging, as far as possible to make the battery power in a full state.

2. Regular deep discharge:

A regular deep discharge of the battery also helps "activate" the battery, slightly increasing its capacity. The usual method is to discharge the battery completely at regular intervals. The method of full discharge is to cycle to the first undervoltage protection under normal load conditions on a flat road surface. Note that we place special emphasis on the first undervoltage protection. The battery in the first undervoltage protection, the battery after a period of time, the voltage will rise, and return to the state of non-undervoltage, at this time if the use of the battery, the battery is very harmful. After complete discharge, the battery is fully charged. It will feel like the battery capacity has been increased.

3. Pay attention to the charging environment:

Charging the best environment temperature is 25 ℃. Now most of the charger did not adapt to the environment temperature automatic control system, so most of the charger is designed according to the environmental temperature 25 ℃, so in 25 ℃ under the condition of charging is better. Otherwise, it is hard to avoid the problem of under-charging in winter and over-charging in summer. And ambient temperature at 25 ℃ real time is less, so it must be summer winter owe battery problem. Fortunately, most factories now have indoor temperature regulation conditions, so, when charging, it is best to arrange the battery and charger in a ventilated and temperature regulation environment.

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