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How to eliminate the battery electric flat car in disorder

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How to eliminate the battery electric flat car in disorder

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Battery electric flat car is used for battery power, motor for the drive of goods or people with the means of transport.

As an important energy source with environmental protection, clean and high conversion rate, electric power is used to drive the renewal of transportation tools, promote the low-carbon development of the transportation industry, reduce transportation costs, save energy and protect the environment.

After decades of development, electric flatbed car with its strong applicability, mobile recording, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, low price and other advantages, can be flexible across the narrow road. It has been widely used in family, urban and rural, individual rental, factory, mining area, sanitation, community cleaning and other short distance transportation fields.

Misalignment is a common fault of manual transmission *. Misalignment of low plate manual transmission refers to the fact that under the normal condition of clutch technology, the transmission is connected with two gears at the same time, or the result is connected with other gears when the gear is needed.

How to eliminate the battery electric flat car in disorder:

1. When the gear position is needed, other gear positions are attached as a result: shake the gear shift lever and check its swing Angle. If it is beyond the normal range, the fault is caused by loose and free fitting of ball head locating pin and locating groove at the lower end of the gear shift lever or excessive wear of ball head and ball hole. If the shift lever of the flat car manual transmission rotates 360 degrees, the locating pin is broken.

2. If the swing Angle is normal, it is still unable to hang or take off the gear, then the fault is caused by the lower end of the transmission rod protruding from the groove (the reason of which is the lower end arc working face wear or guide groove wear).

3. Put two gears at the same time: the fault is caused by the failure of the interlocking device of the electric flatbed vehicle. Gear difficulty refers to the clutch technical condition is good, but when the gear can not be smoothly hung into gear, often occur gear crash sound. A synchronizer malfunction was one of the causes.

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