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Future development direction of track flat car

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Future development direction of track flat car

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The primary use of lead-acid batteries in current flatcars is also a primary factor in increasing the weight of flatcars. So battery development becomes a goal. For example, lightweight lithium battery, the weight is only 3.5-5kg, and the model is precise, clever design, strong power, known as the new generation of track flat car is the best power supply. In addition, the street also presents solar - powered track flat cars. Direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy, the vehicle collective accumulation of small, zero pollution, energy saving and environmental protection advantages. But from the cost and function and other factors, the penetration rate of the two is not high, need enterprises to do their best to increase the technology research, so that the more advantageous new power supply can enter the category of track flat car.

In the aspect of battery research and development, okoma, a well-known domestic enterprise, relies on many years of experience in the research and development and manufacturing of lithium battery for its track flat car. In the electric housekeeping technology, through the lithium battery power supply management system, the lithium iron phosphate battery has been comprehensively controlled, and the "full-life iron-powered track flat car" using iron battery has been developed. The battery cycle life of 1500-2000 times is 6 times that of the popular lead-acid battery. The quality of iron battery is guaranteed for 48 months, 4 times as much as that of popular lead-acid battery. Iron battery to avoid the popular lithium electric fire overheating and other safety risks, is the most safe power battery; Other akoma full-life iron-powered railcars represent the latest trend of railcars. The batteries are free from heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, which are non-toxic and pollution-free.

In the frame material selection, the domestic track flat car manufacturers can be said to be fearless, numerous and complicated launched a fashion, simple track flat car. For example, this "car companion" track flat car is made of magnesium alloy and other extremely light materials. Magnesium alloy is the lightest metal among the combined metals. It has the characteristics of small density, high specific strength, large elastic modulus, good shock absorbency, high impact load capacity, high strength and rigidity. It is widely used in portable devices and the automotive industry to achieve the goal of lightweight. In addition, the car also adopted a longer life, longer use of lithium battery, small size, foldable (folded after placing in the car's trunk or carry to a safe place). In addition, this track flat car is also equipped with bright night light, USB laptop charging function, LCD meter, compass bell, etc., the design is more thoughtful.

Track flat car will be more simple, miniaturized, energy-saving. To adapt to these trends, the core is to spur technological innovation, through innovation to enrich people's lives.

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