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The operation procedure of cable reel rail wagon

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The operation procedure of cable reel rail wagon

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Cable drum rail flat car, also known as the straddle car, is a heavy rail in-plant transport vehicles, the load from a few tons to hundreds of tons. It is a means of transport for pulling goods or people with battery power and motor drive. As an important energy source with environmental protection, clean and high conversion rate, electric power is used to drive the upgrading of transportation tools, accelerate the low-carbon development of transportation industry, reduce transportation costs, save energy and protect the environment. It is widely used in railways, ports, warehousing, heavy steel mills, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries, as well as cross-workshop, cross-workshop stacking, warehousing and storage between the process transfer and material handling, is to reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency of the ideal handling equipment.

The operation process of cable drum rail flat car:

1. In daily use, check once a week (summer) or once every two weeks (winter).

2. Special person is responsible for the operation, and qualified through relevant training before the operation.

3, when it happens to accident, according to the site situation, such as flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful chemical dangerous goods, radioactive substances, should enter the accident site of the relevant personnel to distribute the necessary protective equipment and supplies, implement safety precautions to ensure the safety of the rescue personnel entering the site.

4. The operator shall inspect the equipment at any time in accordance with the requirements of "itinerant inspection content".

The unbalance of voltage, density and capacity often occurs in the use of the battery of cable reel rail car. In order to make the battery reach a balanced and consistent good state in use, the battery should be balanced charging once a month. Under any of the following circumstances, a balanced charge should be carried out.

When transporting material personnel in flat car of cable drum track, it is not allowed to exceed the limit or exceed the staff. Both sides of flat car track are 0.5m each, and it is forbidden to pile up all kinds of materials. Start the cable reel rail flat car before the first signal, check the direction of movement no one, no obstacles before starting, stop smoothly do not collide with the end of the baffle. Observe the surrounding environment and make sure it is safe to press the button of running direction.

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