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The development trend of low-voltage track electric flat car

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The development trend of low-voltage track electric flat car

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In the enterprise factory building or between the factory building and the factory building, the short distance fixed point frequently carries the heavy load, USES the manpower words to need the quantity to be big, both exhausted and wastes the resources. In order to solve this problem and reduce people's work fatigue, low-voltage track electric flat car has been developed by people. It is easier and more effective to use this equipment to carry and transport heavy objects.

Low-pressure track electric flat car body for the steel structure, table tile steel plate, welded frame. The frame is welded from section steel, I - beam steel and steel plate. The power supply system of low-voltage track electric flat car directly supplies V360 alternating current with cable reel. The cable reel is of hysteresis coupling type, which ensures that the cable is under uniform force and not easy to be damaged. Low pressure track electric flat car bearing needle rolling cage damage, long and short shaft journal and needle rolling wear, etc., can lead to poor rotation of the bearing and mechanical noise, at this time need to dismantle the gear pump, replace the needle rolling bearing; The coaxiality difference between the electric flat car pump and the engine coupling should be guaranteed within 0.1mm.

Vibration and noise will be generated if the parts of low-pressure track electric flat car pump are damaged or worn seriously: such as large tooth shape error or circumferential error, poor contact between two gears, high tooth surface roughness, out-of-tolerance of common normal length, too small tooth side clearance, contact area of two meshing gears is not in the position of dividing circle, etc. At this point, the gear can be replaced or gear pair grinding. Immediately stop the machine and check whether the low-pressure track electric flat car operates in a single phase, or if the bearing is damaged, the output shaft axis is not right and "scavenging" and other faults, these will make the electric flat car have abnormal sound, different fault sound position and high and low and sound difference. When the single-phase operation, the whole low-voltage track electric flat car emits a regular hum of strong and weak "sound; And when bearing is damaged, can be in bearing vicinity, send out along with "clop-clop" droning sound; And when the output axis is not right, or the electric flat car slightly scavenging, the whole electric flat car issued a high buzz "sound, not always accompanied by a sharp and harsh sound.

Abnormal noise of low-voltage track electric flat car generally emits "hum" noise in the control loop, and most of them are contactor faults (such as bad contact of contactor contact, voltage grade mismatch, magnetic core stuck, etc.) should be repaired and repaired for fault contactor. If it cannot be repaired and replaced, the noise will be eliminated by itself after disposal. In short, according to the different noise, fault should be found out, for item by item maintenance, restore the normal performance of low-voltage track electric flat car, when its fault is not processed, should prohibit the use of low-voltage track electric flat car.

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