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Multi-functional electric moving flat car

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Multi-functional electric moving flat car

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As a vehicle for transporting heavy objects between workshops, between workshops and factories, and between factories and factories, electric flat car has been widely used by enterprises and manufacturers.

1. Dump transfer vehicle:

Dump transfer car is a kind of hydraulic transfer car, the car body is divided into the upper and lower parts, connected by the hydraulic cylinder, through the hydraulic system to control the rise and fall of its upper overall tilt at a certain Angle, to achieve the role of automatic unloading of goods. Such vehicles are widely used in pharmaceutical, pipe, food and other enterprises. In the future unmanned era, dumper will be widely used, coupled with the most advanced PLC control system, can achieve automatic production.

2. Hydraulic lifting and transferring vehicle:

Hydraulic lifting transfer vehicle in the need of external power supply external power supply operation freely, not limited by the number of lifting, easy to operate, freely lifting. It can be used for lifting and lowering of two vehicles simultaneously or separately. Limit device is installed on the lifting transfer vehicle to prevent excessive lifting. The lifting height of the transport vehicle can stay at any position (limited to the maximum lifting height). The lifting height of the hydraulic lifting and transferring truck can be designed according to the size provided by customers, and special devices such as v-frame and roller bracket can be installed on the platform surface.

Hydraulic equipment installed in a different way, not only can realize the rise and fall of the object, can also achieve a cartwheel function, convenient unloading, also can achieve different shapes of goods transport function of the conversion, automatic feeding, automatic lifting and lowering, also can automatic discharging, achieve the function of workshop automation, also is the future of the era of robots must tool.

Working process of the workpiece by a crane lifting to lifting transport vehicle, in order to prevent the workpiece in lifting the car sliding table laid rubber sheet, transport through the transit car artifacts can be shipped to the corresponding location on, and through the hydraulic lifting gear workpiece to the appropriate position, own safety monitoring device, pedestrians or obstacles automatically stop, safe and reliable.

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