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Characteristics and functions of low-pressure track flat car

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Characteristics and functions of low-pressure track flat car

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I. characteristics of low-voltage track electric flat car:

First of all, the product has practicality, which is mainly reflected in that any enterprise needs to use the electric flat car should be practical, to meet the most basic practical requirements of the working condition. Again, the product design is scientific, which is mainly in product design, including infrastructure, functional design, energy consumption, processing technology, appearance and other scientific and rigorous aspects. Products must maintain strict requirements, accurate design, efforts to reduce product costs, to create higher application value for users. Finally, it is artistic. With the layout of modern production plants, product creation should conform to the modern aesthetic concept, and maintain the overall beauty of operators, electric flat cars and the environment in the production and manufacturing process.

Ii. Functions of the control system of low-voltage track electric flat car:

1. The frequency converter of low-voltage track electric flat car can start and stop the motor without impact protection, and start and stop smoothly.

2. The on-board control box of low-voltage track electric flat car and the hand-held remote control can operate the electric flat car simultaneously, including forward, backward, emergency stop and stop.

Electric control equipment by the accessory control cabinet, power supply devices, etc, are equipped with abrupt stop button on handle, equipped with sound and light alarm, electrical cabinet is equipped with the power switch, a complete set of electrical equipment has power distribution protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, loss of pressure protection, zero protection, emergency power protection, safety sign, etc., to ensure the transmission performance of the car, control performance, protection performance, make flat car in case of an emergency parking can be safe and reliable.

In short, the excellent design of industrial track electric flat car can stimulate the rapid development of products in the industry. Customized products must have excellent technical strength to complete the design, production and application of a set of work.

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