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The present situation of track flat car industry

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The present situation of track flat car industry

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As one of the transportation industries in the factory area, railway flat car has grown rapidly and become one of the key industries related to the production efficiency after only a dozen years of development without the support of national policies. Its rapid development speed and tenacious vitality are amazing.

As of March 2016, China has a total of 69 railway flat car enterprises that have obtained production licenses, among which about 10 first-tier brands such as xinxiang xinli DE, xinxiang baibai and jiangsu Eurasia special account for more than 60% of the total production of the industry. In the future, it is expected that 3-5 first-tier brands will be produced in China, and these 3-5 enterprises will gradually develop towards the direction of internationally renowned brands. At the same time, 5-30 domestic brands will be produced. This total of more than 30 brand track flat production enterprises will become the market's absolute main force.

The advantages of the railway flat car industry determine the high-speed development of the railway flat car industry, and the railway flat car industry develops rapidly, expands and matures. Track flat car manufacturers are numerous, brand full of beautiful things in eyes. But now the railway flat car industry has entered a new stage, market saturation, numerous brands, fierce competition, so that countless people who are keen on the railway flat car industry into a confused state, where should the railway flat car industry go?

In fact, after careful consideration, there are reasons why flatcars are so popular in various enterprises:

1. Track flat car is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and meets the requirements of national environmental protection;

2. Simple operation and durable effect of flat rail car;

3, track flat car cost-effective and economic benefits.

Only by opening up the international market, owning its own core technology and constantly innovating, can the future railway flat car manufacturing enterprises achieve long-term development.

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