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Electric track car turning technology

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Electric track car turning technology

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The main technical requirements for turning of electric track flat car are as follows:

1. Frame system: plate frame structure for frame, composed of longitudinal beam, beam and steel plate "#" word frame structure, steel plate laid on the working table. The profiles and steel plates used conform to the relevant national standards. Rust removal coating requirements steel plate, profile, casting and forging surface rust removal GB8923 in ST2. The film thickness is 90-120um. Before leaving the factory, all exposed processing surfaces shall be subject to anti-rust treatment. Antirust primer, dark gray finish, guide rail not painted.

2. Control system: there is a control box on the ground. The control box is equipped with left-turn, right-turn, start and stop buttons and corresponding indicator lights. Control box electrical components are using domestic famous brand products.

3. Transmission system: the motor drives the reducer, transfers the power to the rotary device, and drives the rotary table to rotate. Each component is reliably connected to the main body. Motor brake motor, protection grade IP44, insulation grade E.

4. Equipment structure: the turntable car is composed of frame, rotary table, driving device and control box. The body of the rotary table is equipped with guide rail. The rotary table is composed of rotary configuration and working table produced by introducing advanced German patent technology, which can rotate at 90 degrees. It has the characteristics of flexible rotation, quick response, reliable and safe performance. Track docking realizes automatic deceleration control through frequency conversion governor, and electronic control safety limit device is set between the two positions of 90 degrees to ensure the positioning of the rotary table is accurate when rotating, so that the guide rail of the body and the ground track are well aligned. There are auxiliary supporting wheels under the rotating table to ensure the safety and stability of the rotating table.

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